Dogs Peeing On Rear Wheels! Help!

Thanks everyone. I should have known that I would take a ration for this post. I think I will try the less draconian option first and give the Scatmat a shot(thanks, One Dollar). If that doesn't work let see, where are those electrodes? :)

Yo Bud....Don't forget to add the Custom Pee Stained Excel Rims to that signature.....

I'd just throw one of those 5x8 cutom tarps from the Sports section at Wal Mart for $5.99 and hose it off occaisionally.

Hey then you can add the custom bike cover to the signature as well....

I should'a thought of that sooner...Yeah...thats the ticket.....

Bonzai :)

put them outside, or build some kind of temp fence around your bikes.

I do like the pissing on them optiont too, never tried that...


Must be something about the tires. Dogs always want to smell the tires on bikes. Anyway the screen shock thing sould work but use low voltage AC not a batt. DC batt will go high current and burn the dog, uh, well, you know where! Use a 10 to 1 radio shack trasformer and give em 10 volts or so AC, thats what the fences use.

If all else fails, and they piss on your new KTM, it's time to Kill The Mutt!

good thing your tires don't smell like $h!T, dogs love to eat that stuff.

Originally posted by PMAUST:

Well, my friend, there in US I know that biologists of the FWS did recommend a repellent for coyotes to cattle raisers that probably would keep your dogs away ! But, probably, it's too expensive! Try to test what smells your dogs don't like, mines don't like vinegar or gasoline smell for instance! Then rub a little on the wheel and is done!probably part of the trouble is because your dogs don't have other place to do it! if you see him doing it, show dislike and repreend him!

good luck!


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