xr650r uncorked with tm40-6 acc pump jetting

I have a stock uncorked xr650r and i am thinking of replacing the stoch carb with a TM40-6 acc pump.

So anyone with the same setup or any other good ideas on the carb setup, like main, low, needle and acc pump.

I live in sweden at coast

Many thanks



I run a somewhat quiet aftermarket pipe, stock headers, uncorked, but NO holes drilled in the side panel. I'm at sea level in Florida. Mikuni TM-40 pumper.

pilot 22.5 --------------------25

air jet (in mouth of carb) 1.2

needle jet Y-4 ----------------Y-6

needle 9DJY2, middle clip------9DJY3 or Y4

main 140 ---------------------145, 147.5 or 150

Left side is what I'm currently running, which is on the leaner side, and gives decent gas mileage. With an open airbox, headers and loud exhaust, go more with the #'s on the right. Good luck.

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