top speed

Just the opposite.


Initially, the speeds will be the same.

The one with the lower normalized drag (drag/mass) will reach terminal velocity last and will have a higher terminal velocity.

Given the same drag, the L would reach terminal velocity last due to its higher mass and that velocity would be greater than the R's.

Of course this discussion is moot to a point, because this only applies if you thruogh them both off a roof. In a top speed contest the one with the combination of HP/TQ, least wind resistance, and rolling resistance would win....but you guys knew that!


*stri* pot *stir*

My L is S L O W GPS 85mph (coulda squeezed more I'm sure but it woulda taken a lot af time to get there)

I've got a Big Gun, Airbox mod, K&N, fatter jets (165main, forget slow speed), I thought there was something wrong with the bike, but it seems like this is in line with what others are getting for top speed.

A buddy of mine claims his KLR (stock) goes 100 is that possible????

gif11.gif Sure is a lot of talk about how fast pigs fly! I was always told pigs can't fly....then I bought an "R" pig and they can fly quite a bit setup right. The "L" may fly faster going down (out of a plane) but, for sure they can't go up very well on their own. Once again they do come back down sooner then the "R". I think you/we are all crazy....pig don't fly. :thumbsup:

Ive seen just about 90mph on mine according to my gps... wouldve gone faster but i was wearing glasses with my helmet and my eyes were watering really bad :-P the bike is mostly stock (power-wise) except for the FMF Q2 exhaust. The SCOTTS steering dampner made the bike feel WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more stable at that speed, took the butt pucker level down quite a few notches...

Just took mine for a ride today (after doing dave's mods,de-smog and uni filter,stock pipe)and topped out at 104,this checked by a buddy of mine following in a car tough I don't think of going there again,nasty memories of my last tankslapper came to hound me.Keep in mind that I'm in the tropics and at sea level if that affects that much.

I can get anywhere around my house faster on an L than an R.

If i took an R anywhere, by the time i get to court for the traffic fines & the R back from impound, I could be anywhere & back many times over on my L.

See? the L is faster :thumbsup:

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