California Dual Sport plate and Green Sticker?

Mine is like this:

And i have broken the bulb housing and bent the frame pretty bad.

I really like the Scotts Performance bracket, but there's no license plate bulb.

The Baja Designs is the one I have broken. They actually have a new model that is a little different then the one in the pic. It's a little better but not much It broke. It also cost me over $50 bucks and lasted a month.

The Scotts looks better. The problem here is that the plate is the wide point on the very rear of the bike. If you have a slow speed tip over say on a switchback it's very likely that the edge of the plate will hit the ground. That will then cause the bracket to bend and crack. Once it's cracked it just a matter of time before it's eaten by the rear tire.

I think my solution is to mount the plate vertical. That way the rear fender will take the hit first not the plate. Or get a YZ fender and mount the plate to it without the bracket and mount the plate vertical then add a tail light.

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