Removing computer from WR450F

Does anybody know if there are any dire consequences from removing the compter from the bike. Something like, oh, I dont know, maybe the oil pump quits or something like that :thumbsup:

The bike runs ok but I was just wondering if someone new of something bad happening if I leave it off.

BTW, the reason I removed it was to put a plain number plate in the front without the headlight and there wasnt any room for the computer.


Dude, it's an odometer/speedometer. Only thing is you won't be able to see how fast you are going right before you eat it.

As long as you send it to me for free, your bike will run fine. If you don't, you'll be sorry.

or send it to me for $25 :thumbsup: , the other guy want's everything for free :cry: .

LOL :ride:

Make a plan & fit it back otherwise donate it to someone who needs it.

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