Tire Selection Help/Info

Search is down, and I posted this question in a different thread but it wasn't the best place for it:

What are the best tires for my XR650L if I'm going to be doing 90% street and highway riding?


I ride pretty much 99% road. I just put on a pair of


KT-967 Dual Sport Tire

$38.99 - $55.99

MSRP $41.99 - $60.99


Aggressive tread design offers optimum on-road grip and off-road tractability

Rigid carcass design offers better overall handling and stability

Sizes to fit most large C.C. Dual Sport bikes


DOT approved

Tires and oversized items are shipped via ground service only and are assessed a separate per tire shipping charge.

I would like to get a pair of michelin siracs or pirelli scorpions next

Avon gripsters or distanzias are a good choice, wear well, and good in the rain :thumbsup:

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