17 Tooth c/s sprocket on an R?

Was just on Sprocket Specialists website looking for a bigger c/s sprocket for my R. Its been supermoto-ized (poser-only, not yet raced it :thumbsup: ) and I am currently running 15/48 gearing. Have been considering going to a 16t cs to give me better highway gearing, as I always want to shift into 6th, except there ain't no 6th.

It gets to the rev limiter pretty quick, which with 17" rims and tires gets me about 95 mph. Anyway, I went to Sprocket Specialists to pull the trigger on their 16t and noticed they are now also showing a 17t (!!??)

Right now with my 15t, power in 1st is still "more than adequate". I figure a 17t will get me a very nice highway cruise, and a top-end of around 108 on the limiter (and I'll probably be tucking in at that point...). :ride: Yeah I know, "its not about top speed", but... for me it is.

Question: I know some of you are running a 16t and you had to take off the front case guard to get the 16t to clear. Is anyone running a 17t c/s on their R? If so, did it clear the case without modification (other than removing the case guard)?



I ran a 16/44 combo, ~15/41. This is about as tall as you want to go unless you are running a big bore, lumpy cam etc... As it is you have to make your own 16T case saver, a 17T is going to be tight. The 16/44 will just work with the stock 110 link chain (wheel is way back in the swingarm). Give it a shot before you try the 17T.

I run 15/48 on my dual sport dirt wheels setup. You will be quite surprised at the difference when going from 15/48 to 16/44 on SM wheels. All you will ever use is 4th gear, 5th gear becomes overdrive and you'll be doing 80mph+ before you can blink.

Thanks, Snaggle. You have offered excellent advce in the past. With my 17" rims and low profile Michelin Pilots, I think 17/48 gearing will give me the highway cruise/rpm mix I am looking for.

Big question is will the 17t clear the engine case?

I think it will clear, but you will probably have to run without a case saver of any kind. Also, 17/48 I believe will need a 112 link chain. Let us know how it works...

definately want to know how this works out.. i run 14/41 and am not realy happy with the top speed. pretty sure the 16 would be the trick for me.

14/48 is what comes stock on the bike with dirtwheel right

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