Can I run premix in my WR450?

What would be the issues with running premix in my 05 WR450 for a short period of time? Has anyone experieinced any issues?

Running lean is not a concern as I will be riding over 8000 feet.

Thanks for the help

Thom, I don't know if it's a good idea to run a full tank of 2t in the Dirtrider WR... But, a couple of "swigs" of the oily stuff shouldn't hurt too bad.. You need a desert tank for this weeks ride? You can either take my bike or borrow my Acerbis... Whatever you like..... Let me know.......

Dan :thumbsup:

It won't hurt a thing to run premix in your bike. The only part of the engine it will see is the inside of the combustion chamber. I don't understand why people think there's a problem with running premix in a four-stroke. Would I make a habit of it ? Probably not. But it won't hurt a thing if you have to borrow gas for your four-stroke from your two-stroke-riding buddy. It burns in a two-stroke, doesn't it? Hell, my four-stroke lawnmower has never even had straight gas in it that I can remember :thumbsup: . It's nine years old, and still doesn't smoke, even with premix in it.

It will affect the jetting slightly (it will be leaner), but if you are riding at altitude, that isn't going to be an issue...

I wouldnt, just because of carbon deposits that the oil may leave, that spoogy crap that the 2 strokes get in the exhaust ports and such, will be in your exhaust and in your head.

good luck.

I wouldnt, your bike will feel 40 lbs. lighter and only cost $90 to rebuild.

that spoogy crap that the 2 strokes get in the exhaust ports and such,

good luck.

That "spoogy crap" is caused by rich jetting, because so many riders can't or won't jet their bikes properly. If you know how to jet, your two-stroke will have zero spooge. You can stick your finger in the end of my KX silencer and get no oily residue.
I wouldnt, your bike will feel 40 lbs. lighter and only cost $90 to rebuild.

That's funny :ride:

I run premix in every one of my small 4 stroke engines. Presure washer, lawn mower, generator, WR450. It has not bothered any of them yet and I have been doing this for years. The down side for me is the added cost to add oil. The upside is I only have to have a couple of fuel cans and I know that I can run the fuel that's in them in any on of my 2 stroke engines. :thumbsup:

Well ,chances are your exhaust will not rust from the inside out. :thumbsup:

why the hell do you run premix in your fourstrokes, that is retarted because your wasting your money for a four stroke to run bad how would it really help?

I've seen it done when somebody ran out of gas on a group ride....I wouldn't do it on purpose although I've heard of some people mixing up some kinda magic street fuel using unleaded regular, acetone and a trace amount of synthetic 2-stroke oil. But those people are running it in cars. I once had a buddy who used a very lean mixture of Bel-Ray Si7 and leaded race gas in his 4 stroke race bikes and never had any problems.

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