Pro Moto Billet baffle made my exhast too quiet. How restrictive?

Went from an extremely loud uncorked stock WR426 exhaust and added the Pro Moto baffle and it seems way too quiet now. All I can hear is the deep intake noise through my un-snorkeled airbox. Is this how everyone's is? I can't tell if it is psychological or not but it seems that the bike is slower now. Is there an in between? Is there any muffler that is not extremely loud but still sounds good and allows performance with a spark arrestor?

I hope you didn't loose power, I was getin ready to pick one up for my 05. :thumbsup:

I hope you didn't loose power, I was getin ready to pick one up for my 05. :ride:

The baffle he is referring to and the one you are going to get for your '05 are two different animals. His 426 has the stainless can and yours is the Alum. one. You will be happy with it. :thumbsup: has the best inserts I've used! 1 large tube with a 90* downturned spout. My 03 450 blew at 92dB with it...NO restriction compared to any other baffle out there, and cheaper than any other, as well. :thumbsup:

I run a PMB SA and Quiet Insert on a YZ can on my WR. I, too, was surprised by how quiet the PMB insert is. In our highly scientific drag race down mule canyon road rectal dyno tests, the power loss is insignificant and all in your head. Keep quiet. Keep riding.

i think that the WB e2 exhaust is a good compromise between power and sound...

and it is spark arrested.

Took out my ProMotoBillet insert yesterday and repacked my stock muffler (it has not packing left in it) and it is now quiet enough to not be annoying but the performance is back as well. The insert really quieted down the exhaust but it also decreased the performance quite noticeably. It now seems to rev easier and have better throttle response. It will lift the front tire in 3rd now whereas with the insert it struggled a little. If anyone wants it, I'll sell it.

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