Best oil???

I was wondering what kind of oil you guys run in your 4-stroke yamaha's?

I have always ran yama-lube, but i was wondering what you guys think of AMSOIL? I havent really her anything about them besides tht fact they are on windhams jersey...

Also do you change weights with the season? FOr me its 10/30 winter and 20/50 in the summer, but it gets really hot here....

I hear Amsoil is good, I use their grease and I like it. I just use Yamalube because it's what is around here...(Yamaha Dealer). I just pick up a case or two of it and I'm set for awhile.

10-30W for spring/early summer when it's starting to warm up, now I run 10-50W that it's nice and hot all the time. As for WINTER I don't run because I live in Michigan, when I move to California next year I will though. :thumbsup:

Oh GEEZ we go again with my favorite topic..... :ride:




whale oil


and not necessarily in this order........please do not ask why :thumbsup:

So amsoil is recommended over whale oil???? hahaha

Basically want to know if this is a good oil? Thanks guys

Please use the search feature. The oil topic is officially worn out. :thumbsup:

So amsoil is recommended over whale oil???? hahaha

Basically want to know if this is a good oil? Thanks guys

yea it is great oil ....but dont ask any oil experts here will start WW4 and a 3 day dubackle ...and I have "no SCIENTIFIC facts to support my findings" for the record....... except my own personal use:thumbsup:

The best oil is one that gets changed at regular intervals. :thumbsup:

So amsoil is recommended over whale oil???? hahaha

Basically want to know if this is a good oil? Thanks guys

Which one are you asking about, the Amsoil or the Whale oil? :thumbsup:

It seems like on every motorsport forum that I am a member of, this is the most talked about issue there is. IMHO the bottom line is if you adhere to the manufacturers requirements about oil contents and change it regularly the chances that one would experience motor problems or failure due to oil are damn close to 0%. People spend way too much on oil.

When I bought my bike new in 2004, I changed the oil the first two times with Yamalube 10w40 non-synthetic. After that I switched to Maxima Maxum4 15w50 which is a 100% ester-synthetic. I can use it year-round because the viscosity weight is pretty much applicable to all temps above 40 degrees fahreheit. It lasts for a while, but I change it every 3 rides.


I use Amsoil. Great stuff. But be sure you are getting their "Synthetic Motorcycle Oil", either MCF or MCV (10w-40 & 20w-50). Those two are the only motorcycle engine oils I know of that are actually graded API GL-1, which indicates that they are legitimate gear lubricants having an increased ability to put up with the thrashing handed out by the transmission. Their other products are good, and compare well with similar offerings from other companies, but are less suitable for an application like a YZF, with its shared engine and trans.

The preferred customer price is under $7/quart, too.

I use amsoil in my 05 250f. I have had no problems with amsoil. :thumbsup: I change my oil like every other ride though since i get it really cheap. (Like 2 bucks a quart.) :ride:

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