help quick please!!

I bought the fuel mixture screw, but have no clue where it goes, and neither does my buddy?? Please that's the last of my things needed, and I have to leave soon. Sorry guys, tried searching but to no avail....

please tell me where the fuel mixture screw goes?


Allow me...

Here's a pic of a fuel screw already installed:

And here's a tutorial how to jet the carb...

The adjustable fuel screw replaces a fuel screw that is difficult to reach with a standard screwdriver. The AFS allows you to adjust it with your finger tips.

Be CAREFUL when removing the stock fuel screw, there is a small spring and a very small O-ring. Lay a towel down so you can find it when you drop it.

-The Bloke

Its the red knob in the pic attached to above thread. ARON did an excellent tutorial on the FCR, do read.

The OEM fuel screw is a short brass afair and hides under and alloy plug which sits in recess to cover the screw from outside tampering. You need to get that out either with external puller or take carb OFF and punch out.

BE CAREFUL when extracting the old OEM screw - save the small O-ring and washer and reinstall with new screw. IMO this is a much easier job to do with the carb OFF, but not essential if you take care.

when you look at the bottom of the carb you will see a plug that looks like a little washer. I took a sheetrock screw and screwed it , by hand, in the hole and the plug fell out. It fell out so easy that I wondered how it stayed in on its own. The adjustment screw is under the plug and as mentioned before, the spring and washer are very easy to loose, be careful.

John in Vegas

Thanks guys! I made an educated guess and used a screw to take off that misleading cap.

After the cap was removed, I saw the treasure.... lol

I have never had a liking for mechanics, but since I got my bike....It's now a passion! This site is my school, and I thankyou guy's and all the other fellow biker's for this priceless information.

When I was was installng my yz throttle screw (from ais kit), When I took out the exsiting t-screw, it was already cut down.....Cut down waaay shorter than yz specs. But from what I heard , shorter is bad....So I wonder why the mechanic that builds yamaha's all the time would cut below spec.

Thanks again guys, I have done the ais, grey wire, fuel screw, exhaust, air box mods. :thumbsup:

I loved her the first time I rode her....Now she is a mean bitch! :ride:

Thanks guys!

I loved her the first time I rode her....Now she is a mean bitch! :thumbsup:

She still needs care, then she'll reward you!


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