help suspenssion settings

i'm 220 lbs and ride an 06 yz450 i love the bike but obviously it's not set up for my size. i don't know a whole lot about suspenssion and with the money i'm gonna spend on it i want to get it right the first time.i ride about 75% trail and 25 track i'd like to find a nice balance if thats possible. i'm willing to have it a little rougher when i trail ride to avoid bottoming at the track. any help would be appreciated.. thanks

First try to start with your Sag settings, I'm a big guy too and I just adjusted my Sag and the bike feels perfect for is a link:,13190,700369,00.html

Other than that you will have to get it sent in to a suspension company to change springs, and all that good expensive stuff. You can also try to play with your rebound clickers but I wouldn't bother.

yeah i did set the sag and at first it was good but now that it,s getting broken in it just feels like it's a touch squirelly, i kinda feel like my timing is off when i'm hitting jumps and woops . i ride a 426 also that is set up for my size. and to be honest i feel more comfortable on it than the 450.. but i guess that could be because i'm used to the 426 it's apig but it's fun to ride.. p.s. how did those seal savers work out ? did they tear ..

Yeah, they tore, right where the plastic is...:thumbsup: They were nothing but problems from the start...that's a $20 I will never spend agian.

You can change the springs yourself, save a bunch of money, and make a world of difference in how your suspension works, all at the same time. Having the right spring rate is the single most important facet of your suspension setup. Without it, everything else is a compromise.

thanks guys for the advise i appreciate it.. i'm thinking of going with factory connection any other suggestions......

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