Honda XR600r 95 questions

Hi there!

I am thinking of change brand. Im am tired of just driving MX trax. I do own a YZ400f 98 that is in a good shape and now there is a guy that wants my bike and am willing to trade his XR600.

I have never owned a Honda and i am intrested of that trade.

He wants to trade straight off and no money upfront.

First, is this a good trade?

Sec, what will i look for on his bike?

Third, i heard that there was a company who sold plastic kits so it looked almost like CRF? Where can i find them?

How do the suspension work on XR600? Can i drive it on MX-trax if i want to? I am not any elitedriver.

I would really like some tips on this bike!

Thanx in advance!


The XR was made more for off road than for MX. It will feel heavier then your 400f and will not handle as well on the track. As far as the trade, you might want to look at what each bike sells for in your area and use that for a comparison.

I am aware of the difference between these bikes.

I just wonder if the 95 model of XR is a a good bike?

I am aware of the difference between these bikes.

I just wonder if the 95 model of XR is a a good bike?

Yes, 95 is a good year. All the bikes from 1993 to 2000 are the same

Yes, 95 is a good year.

Sure is....that's what I have. :thumbsup: Most of the engine design dates back to the early '80s and they wouldn't have built it for so long if it wasn't good.

An XR will not fare very well on an MX course. The weight, suspension and ergonomics are all designed around trail and off-road. It wil feel like a tank compared to the YZF. I went from a '92 CR250 (~219lbs) to my present '95 XR600 and it was......a new experience. I ride entirely desert and trails so I'm better with the XR.

However, it sounds like you don't want to give up the motocross bike. I get the impression that the other guy is bugging you about trading for his 600. You might be better off looking for a newer and lighter KTM enduro or a WR400(or outfit your YZ like a WR).

Your YZF is worth more in that trade.

I had a riding partner with your bike, and the biggest difference will be the suspension. The YZ is Stiff, which works against itself in tight trails. The second difference is starting, as I dont have to tell you how complicated your drill is, where as the 600 is a little more basic.

The cost of the MX plastic is upsetting, and not worth it, because a new tank, and seat is involved. You already have a MX bike.

You should just soften it up, and stay where you are.

I am aware of the difference between these bikes.

I just wonder if the 95 model of XR is a a good bike?

It is a great bike and will LONG outlast any Yamaha since it (the xr600R) has a reputation as the most reliable off road motorcycle ever produced. I have 2, and have mad another. I personally know a few guys who have early 90s or late 80s xr600rS that have at lest 60 or 70 thousand miles on them, one with the 91 has had it plated since 91, and rides it every day that it isn't raining and them sometimes it is. His is still running great and all he's done is a new cam chain. And a new cam because he wanted more power

Thanx guys! I will stay on my YZ for a while... I do like Hondas but i do not want to give up my MX-driving. And, now my wife will by a DR650 98 and i can borrow it from here. She will pick it up august 1.

Thanx again guys!


I am really jelaous at you that that do have biiig deserts to ride in!!! In Sweden they puts asphalt on every road and we are not allowed to drive in the woods!!! :thumbsup::ride:

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