Cats coughing up hairballs in my airbox! Help


Yeah someone once told me that cats make great air filters... :) You obvioulsy have the non-genuine model.


Since you have broght up your pictures of Moab, I may as well share my pics as well.

Go to: MotoUtah


Dougie, go ahead, make fun of my plight. When you are done could you fix the link so we can see your pictures? :) Do you want one of my dogs? That would take care of your cat problem! :D

I'm just jealous that you are getting a 520. I was on their website daydreaming again yesterday.

I finally figured out the problem with my pic link...They went to a pay to see your pics format and I have been too cheap to anty up :)

But my mom has been on my case to get it back up so she can see all the pics of her granddaughter.

I think if you type in the address it will still actually take you to the pics page.

[ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Dougie ]

[ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Dougie ]

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