so i got my YZ400F and put some new plastics but its still missing something have you guys got any ideas. heres a pic


Ditch all the random stickers on it.

And it might just be me, but I don't like black plastic, unless you take off everything blue. It just doesn't match the blue frame, blue tank, and the blue shrouds with black graphics on it...

Get those little stickers off. Go get some graphics and maybe numbers. And get the whole graphics kit those really bring the bike together.

Hah I was in the same exact boat you were in. I just ended up buying a new tank and shrouds (black). Still waiting on the stupid tank.

Go all black, or all blue, ditch stickers, get a better chain than the stock one, get some new sprockets (they look like stockers, so I'm sure they could use new ones), IMO the seat cover looks like crap, and then clean it. You should be good!

Ditch the seat cover and black plastic. Get a matching seat cover and graphics combo.

where did you get black fork guards?

Ditto on all the comments. Pick a color and get some decent graphics.

Where's your chain guard dude ? :thumbsup:

dont know where my chain guard is i dont know much about the bike. i couldnt find shrouds that are black and tanks are too expensive for me. for the black fork guards go to your local WPS dealer. they will be there.

No chain guard is fine, but does it have a case saver? It sort of don't look like it does, it's a piece of plastic or metal that is in front of the front sprocket, screwed into the case...without one the cases are in danger.

An alternative to a new tank and shrouds is get a darker, with alot of black, graphic kit that covers the gas tank. And also I agree get ride of the other stickers. Then once you get the funds start getting other odds and ends that are black; sprockets, chain guards, new seat cover, something for the air box.... to make it look black again, I forget the name but those caps that you take off to find TDC, pegs, shifter, brake pedal and that kind of stuff.

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