YZ426 Head pipe

Does anyone know if White Bros. makes a head pipe for the 426? If they dont what would be the best match for my new WB silencer? thanks

What silencer do you have? I have the E-SERIES Pro-Meg with the tapered hed pipe. I could feel the difference right away, but i need a JD JEt KIT to reallt bring out the headpipe power. Love White Bros by the way good choice

Yes they make a tapered headpipe which is great. It sits up a little higher to allow easier access to your oil filter as well. It'll melt through cheap pants in a second though!

I have their new E2 silencer.....who carries their head pipe??

The headpipe should have been listed where you found your E2. I can't remember exactly, but I think rockymountainatvmc.com has it.

Yup thats where i got it, but it was a while ago. Or try www.mototsportoutlet.com

The do burn up pants, lol even exspensive ones...just be careful around the headpipe

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