How often do you re-grease?

I greased my bike first thing when I got it home, steering stem bearings, wheel bearings, suspension linkage, etc...I used Amsoil High Speed waterproof lithium grease, it's been 20 hours so far and I took the front wheel off and looked under the dust seals, the bearings still look very packed with grease, so I put it back on, and didn't bother to take the rear wheel off, linkage apart, steering stem apart to check those because I figured they would be fine too.

The bike rolls and turns smooth as butter still, so should I not mess with the grease until my next valve check, or should I tear into it all? Just wondering when you guy's usually go through it all. Also, should I grease the kickstarter bearings? I noticed it has a dust cover behind the kick starter...

Thanks, Mike.

I guess it depends on what sort of riding you do.

Lately ive been doing A LOT of riding in mud and water and the bike has been getting super dirty. Every few wet rides i pull the thing apart to get the bike super clean (06 450) and go through the greasing process.

If its dry then when you think it needs it??????

IMO the minimum you should be regreasing your linkage and stem bearings is once a year. Wheel bearings I would do every 3-4 months depending on how much riding you do in a month. If you ride in the mud, water and sand a lot, I would regrease every month or every other month.

I ride in sand/dirt. Nothing like mud or anything with water though. I will just go through them the next 20 hours...:thumbsup: 20 hours for me is about a month...or maybe even less, depeding how much I ride. I usually go once a week for 5 hours or so, but I'm going to start going more often. If I get a track built I will be riding every day, but funds are killer for that... :ride:


I tear down and regrease annually, part of the winter boredom killer, but I have zerks in my linkage and grease 1 pump before every ride.

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