rear fender brace?

I just installed my B/D lighting kit and it sure could use a rr fender brace/support, Who makes a good one.thanks :thumbsup:

you can go here:

Top left of the screen, it doesnt look too strong though.

SRC is / was a USA based company, I can't seem to find their site right

now though, but that link will show you the brace they make. It goes

for just short of $90.00.

I made one myself. I got some 1" wide flat iron from Home Depot.

Cut it into two 8 1/2" lengths. at 1 1/4" give it a 90 degree bend then twist

the 7 1/4" sections till the flat bit fits flush up to the underside of the mudguard. Drill the iron so you can use the same bolts used for the DS kit.

It takes a bit of patience but makes a really tough brace.

It looks like crap but it's as strong as hell, I get zero fender wobble.....

and for $5.00 you can't beat it.

Now that it all fits nicely, I'll round off those edges and paint it.... might help

it look better :thumbsup:


Cool, I like the SRC brace, It looks like it was factory made.

I agree, I have heard the odd report of them suffering from fatigue and snapping, but you never know what kind of load those people were

subjecting the brace too.... I just want to stop the fender flapping :cry:

Here's the correct link to their site....they must have been down earlier

when I tried:

Mudshark, :ride:

Yeah they must of had site problems.Thats the one I remember,that I like,looks factory/custom.I don`t plan on carrying anything on the rear fender I`m ordering it tonight. I just don`t like my arse end flapping in the breeze,lol. :thumbsup:

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