Should I sell my 426 for a lighter woods bike

I have a pristine 02 426 I really like but it rides heavy. I am thinking about selling it for a light woods bike like a ktm 200, yz 250 with mods or a kdx 220. Any opinions about what to do? I sat on a kdx the other day and couldn't believe how light it felt. I wish my 426 felt that light. Anyways, all of my riding is trails and very liitle on the track.

I went from a 426 to an 05 YZ250. I ride moto but I tell ya the YZ250 is a feather weight compared to my trust ole 426. The YZ250 is a great woods bike though...gear it right, add a flywheel weight and have fun!

Here is a trick YZ250 woods bike (not mine btw)


I have an old cr 250 and a 426....When I ride the 250, it feels like a mountain bike with a motor...After throwing the 426 around...riding the 250 is soooo easy....It has a flywheel weight on it....A two stroke 250...properly geared and a desert tank and flywheel weight would be sweet....Throw on some desert lights..Sweeeet..!!

Nice bike..!! :thumbsup:

I've actually been thinking of going the other way. I have Cr250 I use as a woods bike. In truth the only complaint I have is that I can't get a cali plate for it. I had it bored over and ported. It's fast, and agile. Plus it kicks over really easy. I think the 426 is supposed to be only 20 pounds heavier. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference. Maybe it has a different center of gravity.

I was going to get a '06 YZ250 before I bought the 450. I say do what you feel you gotta do, the YZ250 is a powerhouse and you won't be disappointed.

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