Just bought a used 02 426/ oil dripping from PCV hose

Just bought a 02 426 and have noticed that oil is spraying on my frame and looks like it is coming from the PCV tube. Did I buy a lemon needing a top end? Am I getting ring blow by?

Clean the bike up, then fire it up and pay close attention to where the oil is comming from. When My brother bought his bike I noticed oil everywere. It turned out that it was just the countershaft seal. (the seal behind the front sprocket) The oil came out of there and was flung all over by the sprocket. If in fact the oil is comming from the pcv hose, it could be that the guy overfilled the oil, in which case that is wher it is going to come out. So don't sweat it just yet.

And if it is blow by, and the enging has ner been rebuilt then it's still not the end of the world. The 426 is practically bullet proof.

good luck

what tube? the breather tube on the cam cover? then you must have too much oil..

to check oil level idle the bike for 3minutes or so, then while straight, kill the engine and check the oil level (right after shuting her down, not 5 minutes later)

It just may be overfilled. I would drain the oil, change oil filter and oil anyways if it was used. Go through it, clean it all up, make sure everything is tight, greased, etc...

My bike always blows a little oil on my skid plate, always has. My buddies have the same issue, it is no biggy.

A few drips, some oil on the frame at the end of the tube............Normal..

Thanks guys for the responses. It is definitely coming from the PVC tube. I mean the bike is STRONG on pulling and definitely has compression, but after an hour or so of riding, I have a lot of dirt built up right behind the exit for the tube and will get a drip or two after shutdown.

a drip or two is fine especially if you are rididing aggressively, if there is a puddle under it after you ride it then it is either too full, or you need to look at some new rings.

I get the same thing on my '02 426. The bike runs strong and fires up 1st kick 95% of the time. I don't have any oil drip from there after shutting down but when I get done riding there is dirt stuck to oil on my shifter, etc.

Also, like an earlier poster said...run the bike for a few minutes and then check your oil level right away to get an accurate reading.

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