Honda XR650L and XR650R Horsepower specs

Hello all...

My husband is comparing the XR650L and the XR650R with his current bike. We have been trying to get horsepower info on the bikes and have had no luck. Does anyone know the horsepower on the 2 bikes or know where we might be able to find it? We have looked at the honda site and also searched the internet. He currently rides a 1987 Honda XL600R and is curious to see what the increase in horsepower would be.

Thanks for any help you all can give!

Stock, but uncorked, XR650L = ~36HP lower b/c of low compression piston

XR650R = ~46HP

His current XL600 probably puts out ~40HP, or did when the engine was new. These HP #'s don't mean much though. All these bikes put down TONS of torque, and that is what really matters. The 650R would be a nice uppgrade, but it's not street legal, unless your state will allow making a dirt bike street legal.

Thank you so much for your reply snaggleXR650! I really do appreciate it! :thumbsup:

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