XRR speedo question

When I bought my BRP the seller threw in an aftermarket speedo that he had not yet installed-still in the box that he had bought over the internet. The instructions were included but no indication of who produces it. It is an ATK mechanical speedo with OEM Honda igntion switch all set up on a nice aluminum bracket. Bolted right up I illuminates well. Problem is the speedo readings are all over the place. Impossible to regulate speed with it. The installation was straightforward-just screw the original speedo cable into the new unit & a couple screws in the original odo mounting holes on the triple clamp. There is a mild kinks in the cable as it enters the speedo because it enters very near the front of the upper triple clamp. Could this be the culprit or is this just a low quality product?

I have the ATK speedo and ignition key setup and it is a high quality piece IMO. I'm sure the kink is the problem, mine is dead on. You're lucky to have that, the guy that made them was only able to get a few of those speedo's before they ran out. He still sells the bracket, keyed ignition and a round speedo that goes to 160mph that isn't as nice.

Yessir, you were correct. I gently pried up on the mounting plate for a better angle for the speedo cable which helped. One other thing which I undid was to slightly loosen the locknuts which hold the speedo to the bracket. I had tightened them a little prior to mounint is which was a mistake. Once lossend, (just enough that the the nylon on the locknuts is still in full contact with the threads) I took the bike for a ride & the speedo works perfectly. One other thing I did was to mount the hi-beam indicator light, which came with to BD DSK to the speedo bracket between the keyed switch & the speedo. Its as if the bracket was designed for it. I just drilled a 31/64 hole & pressed the blue light into it. It was a bit of a snugg fit. As I broke off the little plastic mounting tabs on the light assembly when removing it from the original bracket, I simply slipped a rubber grommet on the underside, snugged it against the new bracket & put a small zip-tie tightly in the groove in the grommet & it works great!

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