Front Sprocket nut wont stay tight

On my 2001 426, the front sprocket nut wont stay tight, it always comes loose while we are riding, but it never comes off... Anyone have any ideas... Actually now that i think about it, i dont think there is the washer between the nut and sprocket, that could be the reason right? If so, where can i get a washer for that?

My 01 426 has an eared washer, that bends over a flat on the nut. A stock item, kinda like safety wire. See the dealer.

Yes, there is supposed to be a lock washer that fits over the teeth of the drive shaft then bends on one side to prevent the nut from backing out.

Yamaha OEM Part #90215-21001-00

Approximately $2.52 at your local dealer.

You definatley need to get that washer... thats why its there, to keep the nut from backing off.

yeah i had that problem on my YZFR6 because the washer wasnt there, i got the washer, problem gone..

Well the dumbass that i am, when i put on a new front sprocket, forgot to put that washer back on, so i put it on and made sure it was folded over the nut, not going anywhere now! Right after i made the post i remembered i didnt put the washer on and went out in the garage, found it and put it on. Thanks for the help!

Well guys, i bent the washer over the nut, but not on every side, and it still came loose, should i bend it over the nut everywhere so then it cant come loose?

This is the reason you need a manual....Buy the manual , please.......

You need to tighten the nut more, the washer is only there to keep the nut from backing off completely if it does come loose.

This is the reason you need a manual....Buy the manual , please.......

I already have the manual, i know what i am doing. I am baffled why The damn thing isnt staying tight.. We put a socket wrench on it and then hit the wrench with a hammer to get it tighter, havent rode it since we did that so i dont know how it will hold up.

You will need to hold the back brake on while you thighten the nut, i beleive it should be thightened to approx. 54 ft.lbs. Then flod the washer over one of the flat sides(not on one of the pointed ones.

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