03' Electric start..just my luck ??

I never did the starter upgrade on my 03' WR450. ive had the bike since it was new in 03', and have never had a problem with it except , i just had to replace the battery. i'm just curious... after all the fuss about how bad the first year starter was, has anybody else had as good of luck as i have ?

there are a few out there that havent yet needed it...BUT most people do the upgrade anyhow as a preventative measure...

if yours hasnt been upgraded, then it still may possibly fail sometime in the future...and you know how luck is...it will most likely be when you are 30 miles from the trucks.


I was the very first Thumpertalk member with the new (at the time) WR450. I never did the starter upgrade as I have had no problems other than a couple of fork seals. I have over 5000 miles on the bike now and it's still going strong.


I have an wr450 2003, no starter upgrade but a recall i've been done before the bike even started. Stater seems strong, i am not doing the upgrade!

No starter issues for me either. Factory recall was performed.

I am the original owner of my 2003 WR450f, purchased new in February of 2003. Approximately 8,000 street & dirt miles so far.

The only items replaced have been:

-Front wheel bearings


-chain & sprockets

Only have done 1 valve adjustment

Got the 03 new in April 03. Didn't do the upgrade, but it had the factory "repair"

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