first ride

I finally got my first real ride in on my 06 WR450. All I can say is WOW!!! It has gobs of power and the suspension, oh the suspension, it is light-years ahead of my 01 WR250. My only concern, and you know there has to be a concern, is that at low rpm when I open the throttle I hear a kinda of squeak no, more like a chirp during hard acceleration. It increase with RPM and as soon as I let off the throttle it dissapears<spelling>. When I wot it in neutral I think I hear it around the carb. It is not the slide because when it is off I do not hear it. And, at higher rpm I do not hear it. Any thoughts????? :thumbsup::ride::cry::ride:

I hear that sound too. When I hammer down on the throttle, my azz is singing all kinds of squeaky noises... :ride: The faster I go, the more it puckers...and the tighter it puckers, the higher the squeak !!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist... :thumbsup:

It's a normal sound, mine makes it also.


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