Anyone know where to get these parts?

I want to find a skid plate like the one shown on Reed's bike, also, does anyone know where I can get the front rotor cover like his? Do you know what brand they are? I want the rotor cover that goes over the entire thing like his.

Thanks for all the help!



The glide plate is not available, it's a works item. However, Lightspeed makes a very close copy to it and is available here. The front rotor cover is made by Cycra and is available to the consumer through this link.


There are rotor covers like that all over the place. Just check any of your favorite shops that sell body parts and you should be able to get one. I know acerbis is one company that makes them.

I know I was looking at some of the rotor covers but they didn't cover the entire thing, just the little rotor. Ahh...damn works items.

Thanks for the help guys!

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