01 Clutch fix ->OEM or Aftermarket?

Hey all. I am probably going to be doing the 01 clutch fix to my 426 here in the next month or so and was wondering what ya'll thought about the parts to use.

Should I just use the OEM clutch plates & springs for the 01 or should I get a clutch kit from EBC or someone like that for the 01? Or does it even really matter at all?

OEM is fine. Never had a problem with Yamaha OEM, they last.

Very few of the available aftermarket clutch kits are equal to Yamaha OEM, IMO. Two that are are the Hinson and the Yamaha GYT-R. Both are excellenty upgrades, and the GYT-R kit (pn GYT-5TA56-30-00) includes the boss spring used in the '01 clutch. Hinson springs are better than stock, but OEM is well worth its price.

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