smoothest power

ok I have gotten to the point where i am tired of being so beat up by my 05 yz450. now I have heard that hondas 450 is a whole lot easier to ride but the reliability seems to suck. now i have also heard that the new 06 yamaha 450 just so much smoother, anybody ride an 05 and then an 06 and have a good comparison between the two.

The two bikes don't even compare. May as well be different manufacturers.

The '06 has got some seriously smooth power now, it is very nice indeed.

Get your ass on an '06!

The 2006 has super smooth power, I hear the RM-Z450 has great smooth power too!

is the 06 yami smoother than the crf450

The CRF450R is now more like the older YZ450F' hits hard and pulls strong.

The new '06 YZ450F has virtually no vibration and has a very smooth, linear power delivery.


not to knock the red bike because they are great bikes but the 06 yz 450 is in a class all by itself . you just need to set it up right and your off. and to answer your question about the 05. 04 comparrison there is none two totally different bikes go with new yammi's

The '05 feels heavy and hard to turn. The power is smooth, almost to a fault, in fact, but without the aggressive power of the '03/'04, it had nothing to compensate for the chassis's shortcomings.

The '06 weighs exactly the same, but feels 25 pounds lighter, and turns at will. It feels like a light 250 two stroke, but with power as linear as an electric motor. Phenomenal achievement, IMO.

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