What is the best YZ450 year?

I have a 2001 WR250f and it isn't enough for me. I want to go with a newer 450 and I like yamaha. I was wondering what is the best year to go with for a YZ450F? I was thinking 05 or 06. I don't have enough for 07.

Thanks guys give me a good year.


01 WR250F

06 yz 450f you can't go wrong go get one today :thumbsup:

The '06 is so far superior to anything that went before it that it may as well be a totally different bike. The earlier models are great bikes, but only choose the '05 if money prevents you from getting the '06.

Realistically you will probably be happy with either...but if you can...go with the 06 a lot of changes and should do you well for many year to come (plus there is a good chance to get a pretty good deal on an 06 with the 07 coming out...both then again if you can find an 05 it would probably be even a better deal...at least I would hope so.

I went through the same thing recently and decided on the 06...I just knew I would not be as happy if I did not get the 06.

06 for sure.

07's have minimal changes which makes the 06 a better deal.

Aluminum frame! 06!

06 is the way to go! these things rip!

Thanks everybody i am going to put my bike on the market tonight and and going to get all the cash i can and get one soon!

Just like everyone else said, the '06 is the best, most improved model. Everything on it is awesome, and the 07 has very minimal changes from the '06 so the '06 will be a better bang for buck.

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