piggie overheating

went riding again today and 03 xr650r had the same overheating issue as last weekend. does anyone have the stant part numbers for the high performance cap and stat or are all brp's the same then I can pry order by application

Something is wrong. Is your bike stock and corked up? If it's uncorked, did you rejet? If all else fails, check out your thermostat. They are known to freeze up, sometimes they freeze open (not so bad) and sometimes they freeze closed (real bad). If everything else checks out, jetting and such, replace your thermostat.

Changing the rad cap doesn't fix your cooling problems, it simply lets your motor run even HOTTER before it boils.

My '00 650R has the stock rad cap, and has NEVER boiled, though there has been times when the slow going had me worried. Point being, you have a problem and it's not your rad cap. Change it out for a higher pressure one if you want, but FIX your cooling problem first. Good luck.

my bike is uncorked I have a 175 main stock needle cut out carb spacer tip drilled and airbox mods with a stock pilot I pulled the tstat out this morning and it is stuck wide open

well I cut the valve out of the tstat so there is no moving parts but there is still some sort of restriction to keep the water from moving to fast. Then I started it up and let it idle. I had the res to the top mark it came right up to the top of the tank but never boiled. So I took it up and down the street and shut it off and it wasant hissing at me so I think I have it.

I only had water in it so I was going to use dexcool and pry water wetter dexcool is silicate free right?

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