My XR650L with Buell Ulysses headlight/windscreen etc.

NICE, I did the Buell Lightning headlight a while back on my 650R. I've got both lights running all the time, so I had to rewind my stator. After, I wished I would have looked into the Ulysses wind screen, it's bigger and symmetrical, and has the little visor on it.

How are you running your headlights, one bulb for Lo, the other for Hi or what?

Can you take some new pics during the day, I would like to see some closer detail of the Ulysses screen on your bike?

Also, how did you mount the headlight? I used two brackets that bolt up to my upper fork clamps and then attach at the upper headlight/windscreen mounting bracket pivot location. Another piece bolts on to the top/front of my upper clamp, runs down the headstock, then bends under the headlight and mounts to the bottom/middle of the headlight, this gives me some aiming capability.

This is one of the sweetest mods out there, and yours looks great. The dually lights look badazz, and when they are both on (110W) the cars REALLY see you coming day or night...

Here's mine;

:thumbsup: Great looking bikes! I love the dual headlight look.

Thanks for the compliments.

I am going to rewire it to both for high. Right now it is one for each hi and low.

I will take more pictures during the day.

My mounting system uses spherical rod ends with threaded rod to allow up/down and side to side aiming adjustment.


Funky Pig! :thumbsup:


Take some pics of your "spherical rod ends and threaded rod" if you will. Sounds interesting.

As I mentioned I have the smaller windscreen from the Buell Lightning. In total my headlight, metal rock guard that wraps around the light, mounting bracket and windscreen was ~$200. How much more was your kit with the Ulysses windscreen and mounting bracket?

Do you still have the part#'s for the Ulysses bracket and windscreen?

The dually lights are bright and very effective, but not offensive to cars at night if they are aimed down enough. Eventually I plan to wire mine so that one bulb is LO beam and both bulbs are HI beam. Keep an eye on your battery charge though, I'm not sure what your stock stator output is, but duallies will double the strain on your electrical system.

Don't forget the daylight pics with shot of your mounts. THANKS, and sweet bike.

That's nice!!!!!!!

Post a write up of what work you had to do to mount it (fabricate any special brackets, relocate any stock parts, etc) That's something I'd like to do to my bike, mine looks almost like yours otherwise.

what kind of wattage do those lights eat up? Wondering if those would work on my XR650R (ricky stator kit AC/DC 100/100watts - could add another rectifier and regulator for DC/DC output if needed).



The bulbs are 55W a piece, so with both on you are talking 110W. I have this setup on my XR650R, BUT I did my own rewind, a single coil ~200W and they are basically full bright at idle.

I would imagine they would work with one of your Ricky Stator coils, maybe not optimally, but they would work.

that sounds good. One could also just put a 35 watt into the low beam, or wire them separately. Thing is - if I don't use the AC for the lights, I have no use for that output unless I can find some grip heaters or other accessory that uses AC power. Or I'll sell the Ricky Stator and rewind the stock coil myself - I'm pretty handy with the electrical stuff and 200watt DC seems like the way to go.

so $200 for all the parts? is that new or from a junk yard? Sounds too darn cheap to believe :thumbsup:



What kind of bulbs are in the headlights? I went to the local dealer and priced the parts new. it came out to $367. But lloking at the way the two of you mounted the front end I think I may have picked other parts that you did not use. I am assuming that y'all just used the lights and the fairwing with the windscreen. Thanks for another mod you guys that I have to do. Happy riding, Tony


Running the bulbs on AC is fine, actually recommended. For bikes with a small DSK battery, trying to run the 110W on DC would drain the battery quickly I would think. The bulbs are H7 and are only available in 55W, that I've found anyway.


Before anybody gets confused. The guy that started this thread is using the Buell Ulysses windscreen and mounting bracket. I am using the Buell Lightning windscreen and mounting bracket (much smaller). The actual headlight is the same on both bikes, it's just the windscreen and bracket that are different. I do believe that the Ulysses kit would be more expensive, though I would not have guessed THAT much more. My Lightning kit cost right at $200 and change, this was in Nov. '05.

The bulbs are included in the headlight. They are H7 bulbs, SINGLE FILAMENT (no Hi/Lo beam) and are only available in 55W that I've found. Although I replaced the stock bulbs with Sylvania Silverstar H7's on mine.

What parts EXACTLY did you choose to come out to $367 and from what bike (Ulysses or Lightning?)

Hey Snaggle, will my newly rewound stator run this Buell setup? I realize I'd have to bypass the DSK wiring due to its small guage wire. No big deal if it won't as I've got a few other mods to do first. Just wondering. Thanks.


I priced the parts for the Ulysses. I priced the fairing and the windscreen. Along with the lights and the bracket and the two side pieces that cover the lights with the instrument gauge cover. Also the light cover part. I think I could eliminate the gauge cover and the side pieces for the fairing. I seems that if I cut out all the other parts it would be about $200. Next question. Could a h4 bulb fit in and work in the lights? Thanks, Tony

Ahhh, no side pieces, and no guage covers. I'm talking bare bones here, minimilistic is better (cheaper), for me anyway.

The socket is different on H4's vs H7's. Maybe you could mod it, but I didn't try. Like I said, I run both bulbs ON ALL THE TIME. I've had SEVERAL reports of extreme daylight intensity, which is good for visibility on the street. Still, even at night, I don't get flashed by oncoming cars. I have the lights aimed down a bit to make sure I don't blind anybody.

Otherwise, wire it up so that a single bulb is on for LO beams, and both bulbs on when your switch is set to HI beams. I will redo mine like this some day when I get bored :thumbsup:

$200 is not too bad for a custom look and a small wind screen. I need a new light and lamp cover anyway (wrong color, glass broken, all chewed up by last owner who used some box cutters to make it fit...).


Gotta be boneyard. Bet the windshield (no lights) is $200 from Harley.

no those are harley prices. i did this mod with a lightening set up for my DRZ, it was in the ballpark of $160 from harley.

it was like...

$50 lights

$50 windscreen

$25 light grill

$20 mount hardware

their parts are really cheap. i've used buell turnsignals on a few bikes. they are tinted, super flexible, not half bad looking for DOT, and only $6 a pop.

btw, even if you put H4 socket in that set up it would not really work since the each light has a different reflector with a different angle. so one will always be pointing up higher. i have been tempted to take the two set ups i have and swap a lens from each and then try the H4, but really the H7's set up so both run at high is good enough anyway.

Yeah for whatever reason, Buell parts prices are of this world not HD's. A ZRX mod I read about and adapted to my ZX9R using Buell parts, shocked me (pleasantly) when I priced the pieces at a local HD dealer.

Alright Phil, I hope you're still on this forum, I'd love to see the picture of your L with the Buell light mod. All I've seen out there are Huskies and DR650's. Please, please, please re-post a picture! The Yahoo link you have here is dead...

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