650L to CRF Forks...What Bearings?

I have purchased a set of CRF450 forks and Trees to fit onto my 650L...Does anyone that has this setup have suggestions for wheel bearings? Do you retain the stock 650L wheels and change bearings? Do the CRF bearings fit into the 650 holes? Also, what wheel bearing spacer do I use? Is it best to get a 450 wheel, and if so, does the 650 caliper bolt on? I know the 650L had an oversize disc compared to the 600R, I do not know if the 450 has the same size rotor as the 600R or 650L or possibly different all together....

This seems like a cool set-up once complete, getting there seems like a pain...

Definitely a pain. That's why MOST don't do such mods. The BEST way is to get a whole CRF front end, that means, wheel/hub/bearings, brake caliper, brake rotor, axle, forks clamps etc... The only adapting you will do is adapting the 650L steering stem to the CRF clamps. All this is hard/expensive enough, but trying to put a 650L wheel, rotor and caliper into CRF forks will be harder. Good luck.

Use the CRF 450 everything, except for the steering stem. :ride:

Make your XR650L stem fit in the crf 450 tree.

Crf 450 and XR650L use the same caliper. :thumbsup:

I'm doing the CRF front end conversion at the moment and simply replaced everything

Braking oversize wave disk too!!!

Lightspeed CF guards

does the xr650L stem just slide into the crf450 clamps?

Does anyone know if a rear crf450 wheel/hub fits into a 2000 XR650L?

Evidently you want to use the CRF stem and machine it down.

There was a thread in the XR400 forum a few weeks ago - bacially said we should all use the CRf450R stem and not the XR650L/600r stem.

I'm fitting an entire CRF front end at the moment and will be machining down the CRF stem so it fits around the bearings.

I have fitted a CRF front end to my XR650L. You have to machine downt the CRF Stem. As the stem is smaller, you need to add a spacer/coller inside the hole of the top clamp.

I recall using back the original axle and hub, but i may be wrong... its two years ago.

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