'04 YZ 450 - Need engine rebuilt up/low

Hey guys.

I have a buddy that blew up his engine last dune season and needs to get it rebuilt.

Upper - has the parts.

Thought is was just the piston but ended up being more. Ceased wrist-pin.

Lower - needs to split the cases and do an inspaection of the gears/bearings/crank/etc.

When I had my XR I took it to XRs Only. (Great work)

Is there a company that does the same type of work for Yamaha?

Can anyone offer some contacts that can do this work?

Location - Southern California (Orange County/Long Beach/Huntington Beach/etc)


Do it yourself...get a Clymers manual, or stock one is actually pretty informing.

Then you know its been done right...And its really not that hard i did mine not becuase it was blown up, but becuase i felt like checking the stuff out.


We were, on his top end, but we found the ceased wreist pin and I don't have the time to do it (don't really want to work on his bike) and he doesn't want to make the time to do it.

That is why I am looking for a good mechanic that can do this.

Like I stated, I liekd working with XRs Only, but was looking for someone familiar with Yamahas.


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