426 Sprockets/Gearing

2002 YZ426 - Does anybody know if a 52 tooth sprocket will clear the chain guide or cause the chain to rub excessively on the chain guide? I ride alot of tight single track and want to gear my bike bike down.

I'd like to stay with a 14 tooth in front to keep the chain close to the case guard...has anybody had any problems running a 13 on the front?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

I run a 12/49 on my 01 yzf426, with an o-ring chain; no problems gearing ratio works well for me, trails and tight technical riding in the desert.

Look at your final drive ratio, back tooth # divided by front tooth number, on my 01 it was 3.5:1 and now is 4.08:1 3.5:1 was WAY too high for my skill level and type of riding.

Do not get too hung up on using small front sprockets, some report they have suffered chain rub on the case due to buying a cheap O-ring chain (wider than stock). Front sprockets are in the $25 range while rear sprockets are in the $50 range. Understand the issues, make an informed decision and have fun.

The 52 will rub on the chain guide and create a lot of friction. Not only is it hard on the chain and guide, but it robs power. I run a 13/50 and am very happy with this ratio. I ride singletrack only, but the connecting roads take all of my fifth gear. One of my buddies runs 13/51, but runs an auto clutch, so he does much better in the tight stuff, though he is short on the roads.

12 tooth sprockets are harder on chains than anything. The decreased diameter of the sprocket requires more bending which increases wear. If you are riding super technical singletrack goat trails you might put one on for that ride, but sticking with a 13 most of the time will save money in the long run.

Where are you at in Washington?

Thanks for the advice...I'm running 14/51 right now but I think that going to 13/50 sounds like a good switch since I am due for new sprockets and a chain. First gear is pretty tall on these bikes...I think 2nd gear on my son's TT-R250 is still lower than my first!

I'm up in the Bothell/Mill Creek area so most of my riding is at Reiter, but my preferred riding is over in the Taneum and Manastash areas.

I have the 13/49 in mine and it is I think a very good single track tight woods set up.I think you will your more then low enough with 13/51.Fronts are cheap.

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