06 Breather leaking

I have about 2.5 hours (after break in) on my 06 450 se. And the breather tube that comes out of the top of the motor is still leaking oil. The service manager at the shop I bought it from says it will stop after break in. But it hasnt. anyone else's bike do this during breakin or after breakin? How long did it last? please help, very irritating!!!!!

They will almost always ooooze a little bit. Not anything to worry about.

ya....mine leaks still

Is you're oil overfilled? That could be the problem. Unscrew the overfill bolt (behind shifter), let any excess oil flow out, screw it back in, start it, check oil level...if any oil flowed out than it was overfilled, it should now be perfect.

Thanks Barch. I will try that and let you guys know.

Some oil will get pushed out that tube, it's normal. The Honda has the breather tube routed to the airbox and "T'd" down to an oil collection tube with a cap. You have to drain it every once in a while. It's normal.

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