Who's riding Wilseyville ?

Is anyone going to ride the Wilseyville H\S this weekend? I rode elkins flat yesterday and it was perfect! The conditions for sunday will be great. I'm going to race and hope to see some of you there. Whats happening with stonyford on T-day?


Marty I will be racing Wilseyville #480 Senior C Class along with RetSenior #183 (he's one of the lazy ones who starts his bike with his thumb) :D What class are you riding. Will look for ya. :)

Hey guys, I have been thinking about it. Just trying to get my back squared away. I am supposed to work on Sunday but W said he would cover for me if I wanted to race. My back still isn't 100%. I really want to ride Stonyford Tday week-end. If I race on Sunday I may be laid up for Tday. Geeze getting old sucks! :) I'll see how I am feeling tomorrow. Have fun! Paul

Hey Paul it would nice to meet this sunday, but it sounds like it would be best to rest your back and go ridind Turkey Day. But you could get your rims cleaned in the river crossing and the run upstream :)

Yea, I will pass on Sunday. I just have to go into work for an hour or so. Maybe I can talk the wife into driving up and watching you guys. See you Tday week-end. Marty are you going to come to Stony on Tday week-end? Later, Paul

It looks like we might have a Thumper Talk Royal Rumble developing in the c-class seniors as will also be there also. I'm not sure what number because I haven't raced in a long time. This should be a good race :)

Pmaust- I'm going to come up to ride stonyford on friday or saturday with monty and all,waiting to see what day everybody will be there. You going to stonyford? Come out and watch on sunday if you can. I think your dogs are warming up for that KTM or mabe some fellows from TT are sneeking in your garage at night?


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Marty, I will be going up to Stonyford Friday and possibly stay through Saturday. Look forward to seeing you and all the other guys there. Good luck Sunday and be safe! Paul

Hay Marty long time no talk all the guys are going to stonyford for T/D same spot come on up the trail will be some of the best they have been all year.


I'll be there #936 C-4Stroke hope to see you guys there. Doug

I'll be there too riding in the B, 4 smoke class. Rider # 125. I'll be at sign ups while you guys are racing. late, huge

Test Test my posts seem to be one sided...

Marty nice meeting you. Hope to ride with you soon. I'm pretty banged up from the Wilseyville get offs. Not moving to well. Would like to ride Stonyford coming up but I will have to wait and see how well I heal.



p.s. sorry we did not get to meet the rest of you guys, but I'm sure we will soon.

Marty it was nice meeting you this weekend :) That was the best race I have done all year :D Awsome area to race. See ya on the trails sometime.

Ride Often & Ride Safe

Missed you guys again, There were tons of riders. Man what a course :D Had some pretty sketchy get offs :) That was the best course all year and the conditions were purfect. Doug

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