XRR rear spring preload

Well my bike's pretty much sorted out now except for the rear preload. The manual sais to remove the subframe & related parts to get to the adjusting nuts. Used to be the same on all my dirt bikes but I was able to do it with a hammer & a long punch on them. Is this possible on the XRR? Also, as I will be doing this in the middle of the night I will have no-one to measure the preload with me on the bike. Anyone have a rough figure for the spring length for this for a 175# rider?

You can use a hammer and punch and not remove anything from the bike. After I put my 650r on the bikestand with the rear wheel in the air, I was able to turn the spring with my hand for most of the adjustment-sure beat a million hammer strikes. I don't know the spring length question, but I was able to measure the sag myself with a tape measure and a little patience by sitting on the bike and measuring from the axle to a point on the side number plate.

instead of going by spring length, go get yourself a sag scale or "sag setter" as MotionPro calls em IIRC. Or just use a tape measure, but be sure you measure from the same spot.

First set your free sag until it is ~ 1"

Then, get suited up with all your gear, get on the bike and have a friend measure the sag again. It should be no less then 3" and no more then 4" If it is less then you have too heavy a spring. If it is more then, you have too light a spring.

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