Kick start not returning

So I went out to start my bike up today (always started withing 4-5 kicks during teh 2 weeks I've had it). I've yet to go on an acutal ride yet. First one coming this weekend. I just got all my gear.

Anyways, I got it started once then it stalled. As I was starting it again the kick start did not return by itself. It stays down and I have to manually reach down and pull the lever back up. But the kicks do nuthing to even attempt to start it. I need this fixed by saturday to finally go ride. What is going on and what do I need to do to fix. I'd like to not take it to my shop as I just spent alot of money getting all my gear and am confident I can fix it if I know what needs to be done. Thx in advance.

Why aren't you using the electric start?

Maybe he doesn't have one. Not all WR's came with electric starters.

Drain the coolant and oil.

Take off the kickstarter and the brake pedal.

Remove the water pipe going into the water pump assy.

Take out the banjo bolt joining the oil pipe and the right side engine cover.

Take off the lower oil pipe that comes from the strainer in the frame.

Remove the right side engine cover.

Check the kickstart return spring and the stopper assembly to make sure they are not damaged.

Make any necessary repairs.

Put everything back together.


Maybe he doesn't have one. Not all WR's came with electric starters.

His did. It's an 03

I bought the bike used about 2 weeks ago and the battery was dead. Just made it out to buy a news one yet as I had to spend alot of money on all other gear. Figured I'd just kickstart it for a while. I'm gonna try to replace the battery till I get a chance to fix the kickstart. I was thinking it's the return spring also. Thx for the walkthrough. That is greatly appreciated. This will be my first venture into actaul mechanical working besides changing oil and spark plugs in the truck :thumbsup:


Is the battery rechargeable from completely dead?


So I was reading some stuff all day at work today and discovered the hot start lever. So I figured I'd give that a try to get it started today even though I had to pull the lever back up each time. well I reached down to pull it back up after about the 5th kick and wasn't there. It was lying in the grass....No longer attached to the Bike! the piece the kick lever bolts to snapped off@!. Will I still be able to ride it this weekend if I get a battery and just use the e-start or should I not ride it till that is fixed to keep dirt out of there?

I would tear it apart ASAP ;then overnight the parts that you need so you will be able to go riding on Saturday. Also make sure to get the kickstarter oil seal and a engine side cover gasket.

well I'm flying out of town today adn won't return till Friday. Looks my my ride isn't going to happen. I'll stop in teh shop when I get home and try and get some parts ordered. Rebuilding the Kickstart. Is that something you guys feel is simple enough as a first project for someone who's never worked on engines? I want to try it myself but don't wanna get in over my head

If the engine case isn't still sealed, then do not ride it.

It's not too hard to fix, but you do need some finesse with the low-torque bolts that attach the side cover and getting the kickstart shaft and spring lined up can be tricky if you've never done it before. Also, you have to be careful putting on the side cover gasket so it doesn't leak. But other than that it is not a high-difficulty project. Just don't rush it. I also recommend getting a service manual (different than the owner's manual) and a good torque wrench with a range starting at 10 inch pounds or lower if you can find one. It's real easy to snap off those side cover bolts if you're not experienced.

Thx for the tips Rich

can anyone who has done this tell me how you fit the kick start shaft as i have just fitted new shaft and it wont come back up so i dont think i have done it right.

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