05 Yzf 450

I need some help. This is for my friends bike. Bike has always run a little rough. Popps on deceleration and just seems off. How is the jetting on these bikes from the factory( lean/Rich )? He only uses it for trail riding and has had it 2 years now. When we tried to go out Sunday he only made it about 1/4 mile. Popping and spitting till it just died. It tried to fire once after that, but nothing. Plug looked like it may be a little lean. Could it be time for a top end? I have no idea how finiky these bikes are. Any help would be great.

Thank You


Jetting from factory is lean, but it should run more than 1/4 mile. Did he buy this brand new? Popping on decel usually is a good hint of lean jetting as well. A new top-end would be a pretty extreme circumstance and it shouldn't need anything like that for quite a while.

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