Dr-z400e > Wr450f

I am considering selling my ’03 DR-Z and buying a new 06 WR450F.

I have had my bike for one year now and it is going well. I was about to spend several hundred dollars getting the suspension correctly setup for my weight (finally), but at the same time I would not mind upgrading to the WR and putting the money into that (better all round bike, better suspension etc).

The longer I have my bike and when the time comes to sell it the less and less I will get for it. So I am considering the time to upgrade is now.

I am 6’3” 100kgs not including my gear and in some ways the DR-Z feels a bit small when I am standing up. I am basically gripping between the seat and the tank and not on the tank alone. Does the WR450F suit a taller rider better than the DR-Z?

I think the WR would be an all round better performing bike, and I think my abilities would improve faster on one of them. I also think in some ways the DR-Z is holding me back from my riding improving (might just be the suspension not setup correctly, and the extra weight).

What would I need to do to it to be ready to ride offroad? I assume bash plate, radiator guards, bark busters…

What maintainance schedule do these bikes require? And how long is the motor expected to last before any work is needed to be done (top end rebuild etc).

Was thinking about a KTM 450EXC but I don't need a full on maintainance hungry race bike for the type of riding I do.

I think it is time to upgrade otherwise my bike will not be worth selling for the money I would get for it.

Thanks for your help and advice!


I moved from a 00 DR.Z to the WR in 04. The big difference is the riding position and the feel of the suspension. The Dr. Z is a sponge even after tightening it up. It feels a lot heavier than the WR too.

I crashed a lot on Dr. Z and am never off my WR. I improved Dr. Z by opening it up and removing all the heavy stuff too. Jumping it was never fun. It was a true torque monster but the weight of it made me work to get it through the trail. It makes a great "old man" bike but if you're wanting to move fast and jump higher than 6" then the WR is a great choice.

You might wait until the 07s hit the floor to either get a better deal on the 06 or tell us what you think of the 07 frame.

Go for it, you will not regret the move one bit. I rode a heavy old XR600 for years, then switched to my YZ. I should have made the switch long ago. :thumbsup:

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