trouble starting 2004

Yesterday when I went riding, my bike, which I have owned since 8/04, started within 4 or 5 kicks when the engine was cold like usual. It ran fine all day and when I got home I washed it which included laying it down on the stand to spray underneath it. When I tried to start it, it would not start. I finally removed the seat to look at the air filter and discovered that it was wet. I installed a new air filter and attempted to start it and it still would not start. I finally got it to start by having the choke up and turning up the idle screw real high. Today I decided to change the oil and I had the same problem starting it. I was finally able to start it when cold by having the choke off and turning up the idle screw. When I started after the oil change (when the engine was warm, it popped and backfired on a few kicks before it started. I had this trouble once before after washing it (I discovered that the air filter was wet when I had trouble before, but I did not have trouble starting it on a subsequent occasion). Could it be that the engine sucked in some air filter oil or grease (I grease the lip) when the air filter got wet? Or is it some other problem. Thanks for the anticipated response.

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