YZ450f Range


I have a stock 06 YZ450f (only mod is 1 tooth larger on the rear sprocket), that I primarily ride motocross. I am entering into a 2 day desert race, but I have no idea of the distance range on a single tank of gas. So I can judge my refill stops.

Any clues on how far I can go before I run out of gas on a single tank?

I don't know if I will keep riding desert races, so I don't want to get and IMS yet.




Stock tank, you will get 30 miles out of it but don't exect a lick more. If you're doing a high-speed desert race (most are) then I would highly reccomend dropping a few teeth off the rear sprocket to gain a few mph on top. Gear it up to a 48 or 47. If it is a tight, twisty singletrack race, then what you have on will work. Good luck.


Hi, any idea what the top speed is of a standard geared 06 compared to droping the rear a couple of teeth?

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