Battery location 00' WR400F

Not too familiar with bikes, but I am curious as to where batteries are located on Yamaha WR's with electric start (not even sure of what models come with E start, but skimming through the threads I think the WR450 have it?)

So taking that bike for example is it a bit bigger than say my 2000 WR400F that they have a suitable place for a cranking sized battery?

I have a Dakar Dual sport kit on my bike and am looking to add a bigger battery to prevent my lights from dimming (almost nonexistent) at stops and my GPS from losing power everytime. I also may add some aftermarket lights for added visibility since there is lots of deer around.

I am thinking I am kind of limited to mounting any battery in my air box.

Thoughts and ideas are appreciated!

The 03 and up WR 450's came with electric start. The battery is under the seat in part of the airbox.


Go to my dual sport page here:

You can get some ideas on battery placement. I've got a battery under my seat for the lights and another one behind the headlight shroud for the GPS.

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