How to start YZ 426 F when its hot


Sorry for my bad english, I´m from Germany.

I have a YZ 426 F / 2001. If the engine is cold the mashine starts perfectly.

It´s runs perfect with cold and hot motor.

But if i stop the motor I have to wait 20 min. to start it again.

I tryied with the hot start button, but it´s the same.

Everything is original, only the exhaused is a sport type.

What can I do?

Have I change something?

How to kick it on correctly?

Thanks for your help!


Have you tired using the Yamaha 'drill'? If not, Pull in your manual decompression lever, and kick it down 1/2 a stroke, and bring it up. Let off of the lever, and give it a nice hard kick, and it should start. Make sure the choke isnt on, and the hot start is.


What i usually do is hold the decomp. lever in, with the kick start lever, kick it through about 10-12 times, pull the hot start button, and continue on with the "drill", i find that sometimes find that turning up the idle screw helps too. Good Luck!


make sure your using the hot start and get in the habit of putting your hand on the front brake master cylinder when you start the bike. That will keep you from accidently bumping or twisting the trottle. You DO NOT want to twist the trottle when trying to start a hot will flood it very easily.

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