06 450F valve clearance check


I just checked the valve clearance on my beast and talk about a pain in the arse to get the cover back on the cams.

Its done 30hrs and the valves are just within the clearance limit.

Is there a special technique to refitting the cover once you have done your checking. I couldnt for the life of me get the cover back on........eventually did but harder than i thought it would be????

Shes a tight fit.


just think....if you had a red bike you would be on your second set of valves at 30hrs...maybe third! :thumbsup:

Its the only thing that i can winch about with the bike :ride:


Did you pull the tank off? I hadn't even looked at mine yet but I've only got 13 hours on it...

I had it all off :thumbsup:

Pulled off tank, hot start, undid the little brackets that hold the frame together above the carb and breather hose.

In the end i took the radiator hose off the front of the engine to get some more room happening.

Although my patience could use some work.

I found the best way is to remove the gasket from the cover and have it sit on the head. You can then work the cover on better. Make sur ethe gasket is in its groove before you tighten it down. Also make sure all of your components are clean when you work so you dont dislodge dirt and allow it to fall into your motor.

I have checked mione twice with 30 puls hours and they are right on. No adjustments needed.

Yeah thats what i ended up doing, leaving the gasket on the head and then trying to put the cover back on.

The clearances where all in spec so that what counts :thumbsup:

I haven't pulled mine apart yet but if it's anything like the CRF, I just put a couple dabs of silicone on the cover to hold the seal in place before putting it back on.

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