Hi, I want to install a Hotcam`s stage 1, What`s involved and what parts do I need?? I will probably have a shop install but I would like to have all the parts before hand. Will I notice a big difference in power for the xr650r? :thumbsup:

Can't say as to the performance, but if you are handy with tools and have the service manual, torque wrench, and a feeler gauge, it's not a big deal at all to swap it out yourself. If you do it, let us know how she runs afterwards. Good luck.

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I like my stage 1 HotCam. It was simple to install and provided a nice bang for the buck. I wish this was the cam profile that our bikes came with stock. I'm running the stock valve train without issues. The only thing with the HotCam is you can't transfer the auto-decomp mechanism from the stock cam to the HotCam and you'll have to do without it, but that was no big deal to me and in fact it's one less thing to go wrong, less rotating mass, etc. You've still got your decomp lever which is different than the auto-decomp mechanism that was on your cam. Just make sure you're starting your bike from just past TDC as opposed to kicking it over from any postion like a 2 stroke or there's a small chance things could get ugly if the lever kicked back.

It's a pretty straight forward swap. The basics are you'll remove the old cam and pull off its cam sprocket which is pressed on. Don't pull off the cam sprocket by the ears or they'll break off. Then press the stock cam sprocket onto the HotCam and liberally coat the cam lobes with a zinc fortified engine assy lube. Install the HotCam and put your valve cover back on. Set your valve lash. Fire her up and properly break in the new cam. Enjoy!

Search would be useful

quote from qadsan in another thread

:ride: Thanks :thumbsup:

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