XR650L fit into an Avalanche

Anybody tried to put a dirt bike, especially an XR650L, into an Avalanche? Pics? Thanks.

I dont think one would fit, but I am not positive.

May want to get a trailer hitch carrier instead ....

i think it would fit with the tailgate down


Sure, no problem!

A couple months ago we did (in an Avalanche) a WR450f and an XR650r both in the bed, front wheels cocked into the corners, lifted the rear of the bikes, closed the tail gate and dropped the rear tires onto the top of the tailgate. Gear bags fit under the bikes easily.

THEN we put on the Joe Hauler bike rack and put an XR600r on there.

Damn,, the poor truck was about to wheelie! Definitely not the safest thing to drive I'm sure but it got the job done.

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