Urgent: Spark Plug wire question

Hey guys, im back in forth from the garage and I need a bit of quick help. On sunday I rode my bike around a bit for a warmup and I stalled it. After that it would not start because of a fouled plug (its running pretty rich, but thats my next fix). After changing the plug it wouldnt try to start at all... so I am convinced that it is electrical. I pulled the plastic thing that goes down into the plug hole and makes contact with the plug (coil maybe? i dont know the name). Anyways, I cleaned the connection really well and I just noticed that the spark plug does not fit very snug in the hole for the connection. I have tried both a CR8E and CR9E (my bike normally runs fine with either) and they are both fairly loose at the connection. Is this looseness normal? how can I fix it?

Also the electrical tape on the ignition wires is pushed back a bit and I wanted to make sure that there is just a positive and negative wire in there (that is all that is hanging out, just making sure there is no ground or anything else in there that is disconected).

Thanks for the help in advance, if I dont finish it tonight I can try again tomarrow night (I am working alot at the moment, so I only have a hour or so a day that I can really work on my bikes, and I'm in the process of pulling the head on my 250f)

Thanks again, my dads not home yet... so im comming to you guys :thumbsup:



I got it to start after pulling the plug again and cleaning the connectors up really well. It just fouled a plug and died again :thumbsup: Ohh well thats all for tonight, tomarrow night is finding out why its fouling the plug. The last one that I pulled had a brownish/blackish/greyish (It was dark, so hard to tell) liquid on it, but that was a brand new plug that had just gone mabe a 1/4 down the street and back before lots of decel pops and the motor dieing. Anyone know where I should start for tomarrow?

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