Anti tamper plug

Any one that can guide me to a picture of this anti tamper plug (covering the air mixture screw) mentioned in the gyter AIS removal kit instructions? The search feature always seems to be clobbered every time I try to use it. A pic with the location would be most helpful, and also any info on tricks of how to remove it without damaging the screw behind it would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help, guys.

Hey man, I had the same problem finding it. It looks like it should'nt be removed. But that's where it fools you....

Here is a great thread on the carb and all the goodies.

And here is a picture that a fellow TT'er gave me to help me, when I was in the same situation.

this is a picture of the bottom of the carb, The anti tampering plug is where the (now) red fuel mixture screw is.

i just put a screw in the hole and screwed it a turn or so, and pulled it with pliers.

You really cant hurt the screw under-neath the anti tam-plug. Just don't use a dewalt and drill a bit in

Be CAREFUL when removing the stock fuel screw, there is a small spring and a very small O-ring. Lay a towel down so you can find it when you drop it.

hopefully this helps.

Far Out! You're awesome dude, just what I needed to see! And by the way, I'm terminally jealous. British Columbia...must be some awesome riding up there, huh?

I passed thru there on the way to Alaska as a kid...just beautiful country!

I'm glad it helped.

If it wasn't for the great people that put time in sharing their knowledge, I would know (excuse my pun) jack shit!!

This site is awesome!! I'm just a message relayer, trying to put back what I have recieved.

I live in mission BC to be exact.... 40 minutes from hope, 1 hour from downtown vancouver. Born and raised and still in awe of the beauty.

I would love to take the family for a trip up to alaska. From the pictures I have seen, it is breathtaking.

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