YZ over KTM...No way

I will probably get some crap for this but oh well.I was out at one of our many local tracks a couple weeks ago,parked in what seemed to be ktm camp.After talking with a bunch of the die hard ktm riders they all shared one thing in common.Everybody seemed to love the 06 YZ 450.They said the suspension was great out of the box and the bike handled very very well.It got me thinking that I would love to try one to see for myself.Nowadays it seems to be like all the bikes are pretty close to the same just pick what color you like.I ride a 05 ktm 450sx and cannot tell much of a difference from my buddies 05 crf 450,I am equally as fast on his bike.

I just wanted to give Yamaha some props for developing a great 450.You know something is good about it when you have a brand loyal group raving about a particular model.Good job..........


Thank you very much.

Mr. Yamaha :thumbsup:

Yep where great.

You won't get any crap over here :ride:

Thanks and ride one then tell us what you think...... :thumbsup:

You can always make them orange too ..... :cry:

I have noticed the same thing, that irregardless of brand the person is riding, most everyone at the tracks this summer has acknowledged that the '06 YZ 450 is a great bike.

I just switched from an '05 KTM 525 to an '06 YZ 450 myself, and am very happy with it. I'm still a KTM fan though, and I need a bike I can ride to work each day, so my next bike is going to be a KTM 950 Super Enduro R. Going to have to save my pennies for that one though.

I haven't seen a bike convert so many people since the CRF450 came out. All it takes is a ride. It's really not something that you can appreciate or describe adequately any other way.

You know something is good about it when you have a brand loyal group raving about a particular model.Good job..........
My KTM buddies still tell me to buy a KTM even though I'm quicker than them on my YZ. I don't think they'll ever change, they were even counting how many blue and orange bikes were on the recovery trailer on our last trail ride; that's just crazy, I don't understand it, there must be some toxins in the orange plastic! I used to own an '03 525exc and didn't really like the suspension and handling, so I sold it. There's still guys who can go fast on orange bikes but I don't tell them they should sell them and ride Blue! I do much prefer my YZ, having ridden both colours.

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